Reflection and Next Steps

Based on your results of the work wheel you will be able to discern the really important elements that matter to you in your work or job role and start to identify the sort of working environment you wish to work in.

If you get very low scores in some of these areas especially around your working environment or culture and your relationships at work, there might well be some underlying messages here about where you are currently working and how their culture might not be fitting well with your values or really motivates you.

When you have finished this exercise please take some time to really reflect on the results thinking through the reasons for each of your scores and record your thoughts and reasons as before.

Next Steps

Please think about your scores on some of these questions from both the life and work wheels and makes notes on the following: 

·      Start to reflect on how you could gain higher scores in some sections?

·      What changes would you need to make?

·      How could you improve some of your scores?

·      What would a 10 look like in each section?

·      What would you need to do to get yourself into higher scores for each area?

·      How do you feel about the look of your coaching wheels now that you can see visual interpretations of them?

·      Are there any surprises?

·      What are the key areas that you would like to improve and feed these into a plan?

·      As you start to prioritise areas for development and what will your first baby steps be to start implementing change?


Make some notes to record your thoughts and feelings about your results and start to prioritise the areas that need the most work or development. We encourage you to repeat this exercise on a regular basis and review your notes so you can recognise and acknowledge your progress towards reaching your goals.

This course is the first in a short series of Spotlight courses covering work-life balance and personal growth. The next one is Spotlight on Personal Growth which will take you through a series of tools aimed at building a road map for you to start working towards in terms of building an action plan aimed at moving your closer towards your goals.


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